Artist & Designer

My name is Jodi and I have lived my life as an individual

What a profound and odd statement to make to start this introduction. I came from modest beginnings. The daughter of a common family striving for white collar hopes and middle class dreams; both of my parents worked full time jobs and were active in community service while starting their own business at a time when “self employed” was a fairy tale. My parents were visionaries and hard workers and I am grateful that they instilled strong work ethics in me. As a child surrounded by adults, I watched everyone and everything.

Spending most of my childhood surrounded by adults and not fully interacting with children created an odd break in my development. I was never and always alone. As early as I can remember, I have watched the interaction between individuals and groups - identifying social constructs, abnormalities, archetypes, strength, dismissal, hurt and betrayal. Too mischievous to be left alone to my own devices, I spent many sunny afternoons working and creating art at any early age. Growing up, watching people find themselves in their work had a profound role in my development. I am happiest when I am working whether it is sculpting, drawing & painting or sitting down in front of a computer working through Adobe because I seek truth in my work creative exploration.

My work as an artist and a designer is grounded in the belief that there is truth and absolution in concept, craft and communication. There is no depth or meaning without concept. There is no aesthetic or strength without craft. And there is no voice, nor ears to hear the void, without communication.

I am still the odd child that would rather be left alone to scribble than bask in the sun. But my journey of self discovery has rendered me honest with a painful clarity that finds its way out in my work. My professional career as an artist and designer reflects my commitment to truth and integrity. I chose this life and live it proudly.